FedEx and the insane Philippines Customs Taxes

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  1. Jonh says:

    Bago lang yata yang mga computations na yan, I purchased 3 stepper motors 3 yrs ago via Fedex and I only paid Php500.00 each as additional charge. 1 stepper motor cost $60 and weighs 1kg. when the packaged arrived, 1500.00 lang ang nabayaran ko.

  2. JL says:

    Now reading all these. I’m pretty scared. I have a package that just arrived Philippines yesterday morning, I am tracking it. Fedex din. Probably it’ll be delivered tomorrow or next day. It was all the way from cali. Declared value is $800 it is galaxy note 3 brand new and some chocolates. Weighing 10 lbs. Ung excitement ko nawala kinakabahan ako. :(

  3. Br9d says:

    Well it is indeed a lesson learned not to forget. I paid P1,947 last feb 28, 2014 from custom duties for a pair of binocular that I get it free from earned airline miles. The package delivered via UPS from Germany.

    I came accross to this forum looking for answer on this ridiculous custom taxes, knowing I am not alone. Sad

  4. carla says:

    My fiance is sending me an iphone 5, laptop and and 2 louis vuitton bag all the way from florida he used to shipped the items. I just tracked the shipment and a total of php12,500 total pending tax clearance is due. Has anyone encountered this courier?

    • gail says:

      I have the same issue with you carla. My bf sent me a gift and it was sent through this courier. How did it go with you? Did you pay 12,500? Were you able get the parcel? My parcel just arrived today and i dont know if i really have to pay, this maybe a scam. Pls text me Please 09493640966

  5. andee says:

    hmmmm…. fed ex ripped u off…. customs office dont charge storage fees…. fedex is the one charging u with storage fees…
    i receive shipments monthly… i was never charged with storage fees….
    when i used fed ex… thaats when i was charged storage fee

  6. Z says:

    Kinakabahan na ako ah.

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